Apologetics Conference in Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, and Minnesota

A conference by Stand to Reason

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Stand to Reason is one of the organizations that has helped make #UniverseDesigned possible. The president, Greg Koukl, is in the cast of the movie, and the Stand to Reason team has made it possible for the Universe Designed crew to have a booth at their upcoming Apologetics Conference, Reality Apologetics.

The conference is happening from February to November, 2023 in multiple states, including Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, and Minnesota. The Universe Designed booth will be at the conference in Texas, where the director of the movie, Michael Lewis, resides.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, this conference is geared towards students, but anyone can attend and anyone who attends will benefit from it. There are many renowned speakers who are notorious in the Apologetics world, and they cover topics that are much needed for the strengthening of the Christian faith. Check out the lineup and schedule for the Texas conference here, and click the button below to get tickets!

Hurry up, you can get a discount by getting your tickets in advance.


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