Michael Ray Lewis

Michael Ray Lewis is a Christian Apologist and Director of the film documentary (Universe Designed). Michael’s film career started in 2012 and today he owns a film production company called Turtle Moon Films. Michael grew up as an Atheist and his disbelief in God continued until the age of 26 when his wife told him she felt like Jesus was calling her back. Michael began asking questions about science and evolution that were difficult for many Christians to answer. However, digging deeper he found out about Christian Apologetics and resources offering evidences for God’s existence. After 3 years of deep investigation into the scientific, historical, and philosophical arguments for God. He was convinced that God is the best explanation for the reality we find ourselves in and at the age of 29 (2016) gave his life to Christ. Now, Michael has dedicated his life to sharing arguments that not only help unbelievers see the evidences that God exists, but also empower believers to be able to answer the difficult questions and objections about God.