Universe Designed is a documentary that will explore some of the evidences for God’s existence. With interviews from some of the world’s top Christian apologists, such as Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Hugh Ross, this film will present a few of Christianity’s best arguments. As a former atheist, director Michael Ray Lewis has since discovered these evidences and given his life to Jesus. This has compelled Michael to share the information he has discovered with the world.

The majority of Christians and unbelievers do not know the arguments and evidences for the God of the Bible. This film will help to summarize this and offer resources for further study and exploration. Let’s glorify God and present a cinematic and compelling film that He may use to equip believers to not be afraid of the tough questions and to open the minds of the unbelievers to an eternal relationship with the One who created and holds together a designed universe.

Directed by: Michael Ray Lewis.

Featuring: Alisa Childers, J.P. Moreland, J. Warner Wallace, Gregory Koukl, Frank Turek, Hugh Ross, Lance Waldie, Mary Jo Sharp, Allen Parr, Michael Licona, Larry Evans, Fazale Rana, Derrick Bledsoe, Jeffrey Zweerink , Travis Dickinson.