Why Are We So Scared to Talk About Jesus?

By Michael Ray Lewis

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Some of you may already know a few of the details of my story. I came from atheism, and after 3 years of looking for answers to the difficult questions about Christianity, I found myself surrendering my life to Jesus.

As a new believer, I was fired up to share this newfound knowledge of reality. However, I was hesitant to engage in conversations with non-believers because I was afraid. I believe this is the case with most Christians. We are afraid to get asked a question we are not equipped to answer, we are afraid they will cause us to doubt or question some of our beliefs, we are afraid of the awkwardness that comes along with any conversation about religion, and we are afraid we will be mocked or ridiculed for our beliefs. And honestly, all of these things can and will happen. However, it will be so completely worth it.

One of my first opportunities to share the gospel was with someone on their deathbed. I had the opportunity right there in front of me and guess what I did? Nothing. I watched her die right in front of my eyes, and I was too afraid the other people in the room would judge me somehow. The Holy Spirit was pushing me to say something, but I surpassed the Spirit and said no. Since that moment, I felt a conviction in me like never before. After leaving the hospital I broke down and cried. Why didn’t I say anything? Why was I so afraid of what others would think or say? God gave me an opportunity and I put my head down and told Him no.

Something happened in me that day, I made a promise to God that I would never say no to another opportunity again. I would share the pieces of evidence I found, and the good news of Jesus, no matter the cost. Since then I have been in awkward conversations, I have been mocked, I have been asked questions I didn’t have answers to, and I have even been made to have doubts. However, I have also had amazing conversations. I have seen people come to Christ, and I have seen how the Holy Spirit will take over my conversations and open the eyes of people that have had blinders on and didn’t know it. As far as the doubts it caused in me? I tested every single one of them and found that my doubts were only from a lack of understanding of a particular passage or objection. In the end, I found the answers to every doubt, and one by one dwindled away.

If we love Jesus and we believe He is who he says He is, and that He was correct about the reality we find ourselves in, then how unloving is it of us to NOT share this good news with everyone and anyone? If you don’t know the answers to the difficult questions, then use that little device you are constantly looking at social media with, and find those answers. Challenge your doubts, dive into awkward conversations, experience the joy of talking about what you know is true with others, and never hesitate, even when you are afraid. I am still afraid of every conversation, but I know that, in the end, all I can do is plant a seed and let God take it from there. If you will prepare yourself, He will put just the right people in your path and sometimes you will have the joy of being a part of God’s plan in sharing the Kingdom of God.

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